“I am extremely happy with the results of the EMDR therapy I received at Enhance Therapy. I found Utsa to be a very gentle, nurturing, empowering and grounding therapist. From the very first session I had the sense of being in a safe and secure space. I was able to freely talk about and process childhood traumas that had resulted in my having neurological abnormal spasms. By the fourth session I found that the spasms were improving and also that I was able to gain a different perspective on what happened, which was very healing for me. My expectations of this therapy have been surpassed and I encourage anyone who may be affected by any type of traumatic life experience to see Utsa and give EMDR a try. This has been a positive, life-changing experience which has made me let go of past traumas and has left me feeling much healthier, both in body and mind. Thank you, Utsa!”



“I would not be where i am now and with how i feel about myself and how I deal with everyday life, without the help I got from you. I am in such a good place and know how to help myself if things do happen.”



“At first, I was a little unsure of whether therapy/counselling suited me but thought I’d give it a go. From my very first meeting with Utsa I felt at ease to discuss a lot of personal issues I’d left unresolved. My outlook on life is now so much better. I am more confident and positive about life and all it has to offer. I can now deal with issues life throws at me in a much more positive manner….If anyone is doubting or unsure as to whether to try, I would highly recommend.”



“Through therapy I have been able to take control of my stress and anxiety before letting it build up into a ‘ball.’ I have also learnt to have a more realistic thought process when thinking about what it is i am worried about.”



“I have received great counselling which has been unrushed and made me feel at ease. I have learnt techniques which has helped me to deal with my health anxiety and improve my life. I no longer spend time seeking reassurance from my partner and my GP about my health which has definitely helped to improve my relationship.”



“There are 3 things that i am taking away from therapy:
Learning to accept that i cannot be 100% perfect
Focus on the positives
Compare like with like
I cannot believe what a difference this has made to my life. Thank you.”



“After my car 2 accidents, which left me with a lot of painful symptoms, I never wanted or thought that i could drive again. I even hated being a passenger in a car. But i soon realised that i have restricted my life severely because i would only go to nearby shops and visit family who lived by me. I tried EMDR and I am so pleased that I even managed to drive on the motorway recently. The therapy is very different and I was so unsure about how it would work. But now i know things are different as i can talk about my accidents without breaking down. I can drive to unfamiliar places and my heart no longer beats loudly when I am on the road. I never thought this day would come.”



“Having been abused as a child, all i ever knew was shame. I tried to cope with my past by blocking it but recently even that was not working. I was afraid to come to therapy as i thought i would be judged. All my fears were laid to rest when I met Utsa. It took me a long time to work through my various issues from my past and the more recent ones that resulted from my bad experiences. With new found confidence I have returned to college, am actively looking for work and even have a healthy relationship- all things that I thought would never happen for me. Therapy has made these a possibility as i have learnt to believe in myself.”



“I was diagnosed with OCD in my early teens. I was always an anxious child. As i grew older, I was bullied at school and found it hard to make friends as I feared they would make fun of my rituals. These covered all aspects of my life and made it impossible to function. Now i can truly say that i live my life OCD free. I never that this could happen. It is so freeing not to be tied down to actions that make everyday tasks so time consuming and frustrating. CBT really helped me to find better ways to cope with my anxiety and to deal with my rituals.”