Changing a Lane

A client of mine recently compared life to a motorway. You get born at a random service station and may feel safe within its borders, but at some point you have to venture out. If you are thinking about how to take the first step to making a change in your life, begin by observing which motorway lane you drive on most of the time.

Are you always on the slow lane, keeping well within speed limits and rarely stepping out of the lane?

Do you stay in the middle lane, ready to go right or left, depending on the traffic?

Or, do you make the quickest move to reach the fast lane and get frustrated by other drivers slowing you down?

If you could make one change in your driving habits, just change a lane. What does it feel like to be on this new lane? Notice what you can observe around you and within you that had escaped your attention before. What are the benefits of driving in this lane? Do you want to make this change permanent?

Once you feel confident in this new change, start to look at other areas that you could make a difference; you might surprise yourself with what else you can do differently. And if you need a helping hand, give me a call.

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